We’re about healthcare
and self-care

From scrubs to school uniforms, antimicrobial laundry additives, and a line of exceptional skin care products developed with nurses, Careismatic makes and manufactures innovative solutions that are sold through an extensive network of retail partners across the globe.

We create products for people who care for and serve others, and we strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships for all.


Incredibly great products.
Great design, function,
unsurpassed quality,
and value.
Unparalleled service.
Innovation, not imitation.
Win-win partnerships.
Individuality and

Our Story

A former USC Student Body President and publisher of U. The National College Newspaper, Mike Singer took over Cherokee, Inc.’s small medical uniform division in 1990.

Five years later, he formed Strategic Partners, Inc. (SPI), with Cherokee Medical Uniforms as its flagship brand. SPI became an early supporter of the DAISY Foundation and other charities, and rapidly expanded into more than 60 international markets. He later founded Scrubs Magazine, the country's first lifestyle magazine for nurses.

As Careismatic Brands, the company employs over 500 people at its offices in the U.S., Canada, and the Far East, including its headquarters in Chatsworth, California.